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Body De-armoring what is Body de-armoring ?

Body De-armoring is a transformative technique designed to release physical and mental blockages accumulated in the body. This method involves gentle pressure on key points such as the collarbone, rib cage, and the Iliopsoas muscle, which extends from your navel to your hip.

The treatment is performed while you remain fully clothed in loose, comfortable attire, ensuring your ease throughout the process.

Who Can Benefit from Body De-armoring?

  Body de-armoring is a pathway to reconnect with your inner self. It revitalizes your creativity, strength, and potential, making it a valuable experience for anyone feeling stuck or stagnant in daily life. While this treatment is suitable for most individuals, its intensity may not be appropriate for those with certain mental health conditions. In such cases, alternative therapies like the Breuss massage may be recommended. Prior to your session, we conduct a thorough intake to tailor the treatment to your specific needs and circumstances, ensuring a safe and personalized experience.              

What Results Can You Expect?

After a body de-armoring session, many individuals report profound improvements, including:
– Enhanced energy levels
– Reduced stress sensitivity
– Deep relaxation
– A heightened sense of grounding and bodily connection
– Alleviation of physical tension and complaints
– Emotional release
– Increased mental clarity and creativity
– Enriched sexual experience
– Improved sensory sensitivity
The impact of releasing blockages is unique to each person; therefore, results can vary. It is best to approach each session without specific expectations, trusting your body’s innate wisdom to guide the healing process.

Understanding the Body’s Role in Stress Storage

Scientifically, the body can be likened to a ‘hard drive’ that stores responses to impactful events within its tissues—this is referred to as ‘trauma.’ These traumas could stem from significant childhood events or even minor daily occurrences. For instance, the body’s instinctual tightening in response to a sudden loud noise is a form of stress reaction. The Iliopsoas muscle contracts, possibly causing you to bend forward to shield your vital organs from perceived danger. Long after the initial event, your body retains this protective response, gradually developing a ‘shield’ or armor. Over time, with repeated stress or prolonged exposure to trauma, this armor can inhibit your emotional and physical sensitivity, impacting your overall well-being.  By engaging in body de-armoring, you can start to dismantle these defenses, paving the way for a more responsive, connected, and liberated existence.