A Dash of Amore

Kundalini Energy

Jodie specializes in Kundalini energy work, a profound technique designed to awaken and mobilize the dormant energy at the base of your spine known as Kundalini.
This sacred practice is about more than just physical wellbeing; it’s a transformative journey that taps into the deep reservoirs of your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy.

Purpose of Kundalini Energy Work:

The core purpose of Kundalini energy work in our sessions is to release and mobilize trapped energy within your body. Many of us hold onto emotional blockages without even realizing it, leading to physical and emotional discomfort. Through targeted Kundalini practices—including specific breathwork, meditative focus, and gentle physical postures—we aim to awaken this potent energy, encouraging it to flow freely through the chakras, or energy centers, of your body.

Benefits of Releasing Trapped Energy:

When energy is trapped, it can lead to feelings of stagnation, fatigue, and emotional imbalance. By engaging in Kundalini energy work, we facilitate the movement of this energy, which can lead to numerous benefits, including:
– Enhanced emotional release and healing
– Increased mental clarity and peace of mind
– Improved physical vitality and health
– A deeper sense of connectedness with oneself and the universe

Jodies Approach:

In each session, we create a safe, nurturing environment where you can explore and release these energy blockages. Whether you’re experiencing specific ailments or seeking spiritual and emotional growth, Kundalini energy work can be a key element in your journey to wellness.

Guided and Safe Practice:

I am committed to guiding you safely and gently through each phase of awakening and mobilizing your Kundalini energy. This ensures that the experience is not only effective but also safe and tailored to your individual needs and comfort levels.
Kundalini energy work is an invitation to unlock your full potential by releasing what no longer serves you, allowing you to embrace a life of more joy, freedom, and fulfillment. Join me at A Dash of Amore to experience this transformative energy work and begin your journey toward holistic wellness.