Welcome to A dash of Amore

Welcome to
A dash of Amore

Perth's home of ipl, slimming treatments & dermal therapy

A Dash of Dermal

A Dash Of Amore work tirelessly to provide clients with skin solutions tailored specifically to their individual needs. With an expertise in Dermal Therapy second-to-none and proudly partnered with Medik8 Australia, A Dash Of Amore are on your side when it comes to finding the right ‘solution’ for you. Everything you need from anti-aging to simply wanting to look more radiant, we want the world to see the best you that you can be and give you the confidence you deserve in your own skin!

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To Freeze or not to freeze?

A Dash Of Amore are professionals in alternative slimming treatments and solutions, determined to make unwanted fat a thing of the past. Employing non-invasive treatments including fat cavitation, fat freezing and the latest in Criocumm technology, A Dash Of Amore are blazing the way for slimming treatments in Perth. These slimming treatments are often referred to as the liposuction alternative, made popular by their non-invasive nature.

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Shedding some light on IPL and SHR

Make razor bumps, painful waxing or unwanted hair regrowth a thing of the past! A Dash Of Amore use the latest breakthrough innovative technology in the world of IPL and SHR, providing clients with the confidence and sex appeal that comes with having smooth, hair-free skin.

IPL and SHR are similar in their end goal of removing unwanted hair, however, the two are very different in their approach and are used for different types of hair in different ways!

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A dash of Amore was born out of the desire to empower people through non-invasive, affordable and accessible treatments to help fulfil life-long body goals, flawless skin or to simply feel like the sexiest person in the room. A dash of passion, a touch of perfection and a bucket load of confidence. Why wait? See what your future holds with A dash of Amore.

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