Dermal Therapies

A dash of Amore work tirelessly to provide clients with skin solutions tailored specifically to their individual needs. With an expertise in Dermal Therapy second-to-none and proudly partnered with Medik8 Australia, A dash of Amore are on your side when it comes to finding the right ‘solution’ for you. Everything you need from anti-aging to simply wanting to look more radiant, we want the world to see the best you that you can be and give you the confidence you deserve in your own skin!

Another facet of dermal therapy is Skin Needling. This technique involves injecting a series of microscopic needles into the top layers of the skin, helping improve the skin’s overall health by creating punctures which stimulate the natural healing process and rapid production of collagen and elastin. Resulting in cellular regeneration and revitalised skin.

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Skin Needling

Full Face – $240
Face & Neck – $280
Face & Décolletage – $280
Face, Neck & Décolletage – $330
Scar Revision – $50 – $200
Stretchmarks – $180 – $250

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Face – $199
Neck – $129
Face & Neck – $249
Forehead – $99
Eyes – $79
Breast Lift – $149
Abdomen – $169
Hips – $169
Upper Back (Braline) – $169
Upper Arms – $169
Buttocks – $199
Thighs (inner) – $239
Knees – $125

Skin Needling Perth

Skin needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure involving small micro-injuries to your dermis. Micro-abrasions stimulate your body’s natural healing response and encourage collagen production and elastin formation, leading to skin rejuvenation. Our professional and experienced team provide tailored skin needling in Perth to support you in achieving your beauty goals.

This procedure is used to treat a wide range of skin concerns.

  • It can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars from trauma, surgery, acne, and other causes.
  • Skin needling can improve your skin’s tone and texture and reduce wrinkles or fine lines, making it a popular facial procedure.
  • It can improve the appearance of dyspigmentation and melasma.

Micro-needling can improve your skin’s appearance and is a suitable cosmetic procedure for clients with light, dark, thin, and sensitive skin. The straightforward procedure can take five to sixty minutes, depending on the condition and area you’re treating. We recommend a minimum of six weeks between appointments to ensure ample time for new collagen to form.

Skin Solutions to Suit Your Goals

As one of the top skin-needling clinics in Perth, you can trust our beauty professionals to provide excellent service and tailored cosmetic solutions. We can provide skin needling for your face, neck, décolletage, or a combination of areas. We use premium products and equipment to support your journey for radiant and confident skin. Our team are happy and willing to answer questions about your skin concerns and our needling procedure or you can readily book a treatment service online.